Glasgow Indie EyeSpy
Monday, June 12, 2006

1. Points given for Eye-Spying people in and around Glasgow

2. No points for yourself

3. You don't get points for the same Spyee twice

4. Points are awarded at the first instance

5. Double points for sleeping with, having sex with, or assaulting the Spyee

6. Final score for any 24 hour period

All rules are debatable

Other rules

7. Extra half point if the Spyee is doing their shopping in a supermarket
8. Extra point if they're wearing a hipster stripey top
9. Minus points for considering talking to the Spyee, but not following through
10. Half points for bands at their own gig

(picture of animals is nothing to do with Glasgow Indie Eyespy, just a shameless eyecatching image to make people read on)


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