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Tuesday, November 02, 2004
  The Scientific Method of rankings
Well, I'm sure you will be quickly trying to find your own band in the various leagues and the will be screaming blue murder to find that so and so are above you and asking WHY?? GODDAMNYOU, WHY???

Well, the ranking are from a highly scientific method based on weighted scores and ranks

(0.5 X lastfm) + (0.13 X google) + (0.33 X Jockrock) - gigguide

I list all the bands, find the number for each variable, then find the rank of that number then weight them and add them together for each band. Basically if you have loads of listeners on last fm, have loads of matches on google , loads of google matches on the Jockrock site and you play a few gigs that are listed in the list for this month, then you'll be above those who don't.

Its not perfect, if it was then The Owsley Sunshine and The Grease Monkeys would be a lot higher, but its the method I'm sticking to at the moment.

Any improvements, feel free to leave a comment below.

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